Barry S. Block
Graduate Gemologist (GIA)
Master Gemologist Apprasier (ASA)
Accredited Senior Gemologist
Registered Master Valuer
"At the Jewelry Judge, We Don't buy or sell Jewelry...
We Appraise It!"
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Since 1989, Barry Block, Graduate Gemologist(GIA), Master Gemologist Appraiser, has built his reputation as one of the leaders in the appraisal industry. His appraisals and lab reports are recognized worldwide by retailers, private jewelers, wholesalers, the IRS, courts and insurance companies. We offer documentation and comprehensive laboratory services of gems and jewelry for many purposes, including  purchase, sale, insurance, estates, divorce, distribution and more, to suit any of your jewelry appraisal needs.


Considering the high cost of gems and jewelry, it just makes sense to have them looked at by a professional. We have saved our clients agonizing regret and thousands of dollars.


If you need to get your jewelry appraised... you've found the right place! We offer Professional Jewelry Appraisals... Diamond appraisals, engagement ring appraisals, watch appraisals, Gemstone Appraisals — We appraisal all types of fine jewelry for Insurance, Estate, Divorce or "just checking" appraisals! . And, at the Jewelry Judge, we don’t buy or sell jewelry...We appraise it!


The Jewelry Judge is the home of the Nations Professional Jewelry Appraisers and Gemologists. Unlike your local Jewelers, here at the Jewelry Judge, we don't buy or sell jewelry. Our only job is to appraise your jewelry in front of you, "while you watch". We are not jewelry buyers so we remain completely impartial. Established in 1989, we still don't buy or sell jewelry. As Certified Professional Appraisers, all appraisals are as complete as they can possibly be, including a photo of your item on each of the individually itemized computer generated documents. If a diamond is over 1 carat, your diamond appraisal will be accompanied by a full grading report, with a plot (drawing) of the internal characteristics for identification. We tell you everything we're doing as we go through the appraisal process, giving you a great education as well.


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Our Mission Statement

A Jewelry Judge appraisal blends together art and Science to preserve the past and protect the future

Contact Information:

Barry S. Block, GG, CSM-NAJA, ASA, AGA

Master Gemologist Appraiser®


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