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     We are all collectively going through very tough, unprecedented times. We miss our normal routines and seeing our family, our friends, our clients & customers. The Pandemic has closed so many businesses and people are having tough times making ends meet. I know people are not thinking about having jewelry appraised… they’re thinking about putting food on the table or buying the basics they need for their daily lives.

     However, I have received calls from clients who have an immediate need to sell their jewelry. As most know, “Here at the Jewelry Judge, we don’t buy or sell jewelry… all we do is appraise it!” Helping clients is what we do. If you’re in need of selling your jewelry, please allow us to help you. We will be able to suggest an avenue to sell your jewelry. It is not easy, but certainly can be done, even during this pandemic.

     Before selling your jewelry, contact us to find out what it’s really worth and how and where to sell it.

     Contact us at 516-428-4587 or

                                                        Stay safe… Stay healthy…Stay home

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