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Hello Everyone,

During these trying times, I hope you are all finding ways to keep busy and enjoy life.  I’ve rediscovered my home!  During this crisis I’ve spent time using every room in my home, something I’ve never done before! Oh sure, I’ve been in the rooms, for something I may have stored there, or maybe to water a plant. 


But now, I have a T.V. and 1000 piece Beatles puzzle in my living room, two computers and papers all over the dining Room, T.V. and all reading material in the “T.V.” room, cooking each night, so the kitchen is always in use.  I actually spend time in every room of the house! (Two kids bedrooms upstairs, don’t count!).  Pretty cool, actually. I like this home I live in.  I also think about how this period in history may, in fact, help this Earth we live in heel a little… Not scientific, just my own positive thoughts!  I like thinking good thoughts!

For those who don’t know me, and those who do, allow me to introduce myself…    I am New York’s first and Long Island’s only Master Gemologist Appraiser®, the highest level of education and testing for the profession of Jewelry Appraising. Here at the Jewelry Judge, we don’t buy or sell Jewelry, all we do is appraise, for Purchase, Insurance, Sale, Divorce, Estate, Equitable Distribution, collateral or Bankruptcy. 

Even in these very trying times, people need Jewelry related questions answered, and Appraisals for different reasons. Most calls today are to raise funds. However, I’ve still received calls from newly Engaged couples and other clients who just want to know what they have or need insurance coverage.


I can now offer accurate, professional appraises, with certainly limiting conditions, over the internet, using SKYPE or Zoom. For those who do not want to travel, and find it easier, you can also mail your jewelry for appraisal.   If you need an appraisal for jewelry. Please call or test to: 516-428-4587,  or email me at I’m always available to answer your questions.


Please stay diligent in keeping a safe distance, stay safe and healthy.

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